why move?

For readers of my former blog you may be wondering… why move to a new location? Valid question.

I’m not the kind of person who changes simply for the sake of change, but I like to do things for a reason and purpose. With that said here is a list of reasons that I decided to move to this site… in no particular order,

1) Expanded content and commentary – in my last foray into the blogosphere I limited the scope of my postings to the point where I felt I couldn’t post unless I had something ultimately profound to say… and sense many of the postings weren’t that profound to begin with… well, you can see my conundrum. More often than not the postings turned out to look more like treatments for future sermons than blog postings.

2) More posting, more often – This location promises to be update far more often with content ranging from sports, music, technology to theological musings about the state of the Church… Occasionally, I’ll merely post links to sites or news articles that I believe are particularly noteworthy. But my goal is post something almost daily.

3) New look and feel –  I tend to be a visual person. I love good design, art, a well-shot movie… any or all those things can be really inspiring to me. As a graphic design hobbyist and video editing enthusiast the look of things is important to me. The new site offers some really clean lines and expandability that wasn’t available with the other site. So, basically this is the aesthetic reason.

4) Mobile blogging – Like most of you I live my life on-the-go… and like some of you I live my life through mobile devices – iPhone, iPad, and a laptop – or some configuration there of. This site offers the ability to edit and post while I’m out doing whatever it is I do… and it offers you – dear reader – the ability to read the blog in mobile environment more easily. It’s win-win.

What won’t change – There are a few things that won’t change. I’m committed to Jesus Christ, and so that means I strive to see everything through the lenses of my faith. If you don’t like that, I really couldn’t care less… Not every post will have a theological point – but that will be the foundation of everything I say here. Another thing – I just want to talk. I don’t want to preach here. So, as always I invite commentary, disagreement, agreement or whatever. Finally, ellipses… I will continue to use ellipses as often as I can…



Just a note: For those interested the former blog will still be live – just no longer updated.

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