Our stories matter

Over the last few days I have been overwhelmed with the importance of people’s individual stories… what God has done in our lives, what situations He has allowed to happen that have been difficult or nearly impossible to get through, the mistakes we have all made, the victories He has given us, and the defeats we have had to endure… all those things make up the stories God has given each of us.

Yesterday, I was truly blessed to hear part of the stories of two very different sorts of people but with one common theme: Our God is a Redeemer. He is in the business of turning the garbage of our lives into a reflection of His glory and love. And He has been showing us who He is through the stories of ordinary people for millennia. The Bible is full of people who tried and failed, who succeeded then fell on their faces, who felt lonely, depressed, and abandoned… but God intervenes and directs and ultimately redeems His people using the very burdens and struggles that we are all loathe to face.

But our God is one who shines in the darkness and brings His people out of the ashes.

Want some musical uplifting… check this song out.

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