Website of the Day – Vinyl Hunt

So, I still love records… and by that I don’t just mean full music albums – because I know so many people only buy/illegally download one song at a time – I mean I actually love honest-to-goodness vinyl records that spin on honest-to-goodness record players. That’s not to say I don’t do the iPod-thing… anyone who knows me knows I absolutely do… but there’s something about the large-format artwork, the big spinning disc, the sound of the grooves, and overall physicality of the record that I can’t get over. And bonus, many of the new artists include high quality digital download copies when you purchase the record… so I can have the best of both worlds.

Plus, I love going to record stores. Flipping through the new and old discs is pure magic for me, and even though I have to drive a fair distance to get to a decent one from where I live… it’s all worth it.

Anyway, the guys over at Vinyl Hunt are here to help you find those hideaways of musical discovery. You can go to the site and find an independent record store near (or at least somewhat near) you, but I highly recommend following them on Twitter because the often post interesting articles related to the world of records… Enjoy!

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