Technology Revealing the Glory of God

It’s an unfortunate thing when people try to pit science against the Christian experience… and it happens on both sides of the aisle. Psudeo-intellectuals will often charge Christians with being anti-progress and anti-science… and admittedly some are. Some Christian groups will try to convince their constituents that scientific progress leads people on a one-way path to the devil… and there are some scientific developments that have done more to lead people away from God than toward him.

But one of the blessings of Reformed theology is how it understands God’s revelation. On the one hand, there is His special revelation – which is given exclusively through God’s Holy Word as given to us in Scripture. Then there is general revelation, which is all around us… Now that doesn’t mean that God is literally the trees… like the naturalist religions would try to say. Rather we understand that we can know a great many things about God because of what we see in the Creation He has given us. So, there can be no actual contradictions between what we see in nature and what we know about God in Scripture.

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Now, I have said all that to set up the slides above… You see, it is because of some pretty amazing advances in technology that we can even remotely begin to experience some the beauty that God has placed in the universe. Two of the images are photomicrographic images I found at and two are images taken by the Hubble telescope found at How much more can we discover about our Creator God when we see how He orchestrates even the beauty of a mosquito’s heart or the smallest organization of red seaweed?! How much more can we learn about our God when we see the majesty of star clusters that are literally trillions of miles away?!

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