The Perfect Storm of Sport

So, today I went about one of my normal routines of checking in with the sports world via Mike & Mike in the Morning and Sportscenter on ESPN and realized that this week marks the beginning of a truly great time of year: The convergence of all four of the major sports.

The World Series begins today, the NBA season began yesterday, the NFL is in mid-season form, and hockey (for those that still care about it) has been at it for a few weeks already. And if you throw in college football – a Saturday staple in my home – there is really no better time to be an American sports fan. This is the one time a year when the four corners of the sports world come together to create a utopia of athletic fandom… Ok, maybe that’s too much, but it is a pretty cool time.

Now, I’m not going to wax philosophical or theological except to say that in a world as stressful as ours we all need a little diversion. I can have a tendency to take life too seriously, and rightly so… Living life is a serious thing, and with the state of the economy, mid-term elections around the corner, and continued violence in several parts of the world we should all be cognizant of just how serious.

But I appreciate having the chance to take a little bit of time out of my day to think about something that isn’t on the scale of international conflicts or whether my friends or family will have jobs to last them through the year. Something to remind me that life can have a measure of fun and levity in it. And sports can be just that.

Now, I know that all the major sports are BIG businesses on the scale of billions of dollars and thousands of jobs, but when you get down to it – whether Brett Favre continues his games-played streak or not, whether the Rangers when the World Series or not, whether the Heat’s new Big Three lives up to the hype or not, or the Stanley Cup makes it back to Chicago or not – it’s only a game… And that’s exactly how I like it.

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