Website of the Day – Make

Make Blog

I know it’s been a little while since I posted a WotD, but that’s only because I only want to post sites that are particularly meaningful or interesting and load a lot of useless stuff up here… now you may think the above site presents you with a lot of useless stuff, but this one is specifically for the nerds out there who watch shows like, “How It’s Made” and documentaries like Objectified… or those who are DIYers and are interested in creating their own Adjustable RGB Lightsabers… if none of those apply to you then I suggest skipping it.

Make is actually a magazine with pages and ink and everything (imagine that) and it targets folks who like to create/modify things. The regular website is interesting for articles of that nature, but the blog portion is particularly cool because it trolls the internet for people who have made some pretty interesting creations and who have posted videos or websites about those creations.

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