Heading Toward the Black… Friday, that is…

Last year, I did the seemingly impossible for an American male – I hit the Black Friday sales at the crack of dawn… Yes, Jules and I were at Wal-mart at 6AM, Target by 7:30AM and then hit a mall or two in the later morning. We got the deals, and we were not the only ones… and if I’m being honest it was a little fun. No one mowed me down with a shopping cart or fought me to the death for a Blu-ray player, and we got a good jump on our Christmas shopping while saving money at the same time.

But that said, each year there are stories of people taking it to the extreme. People fighting, yelling, pushing… doing all they can to get the good deals. And each year there are people who decide the best way to get the deal is to simply wait for it… and by that I mean camp out. I saw this news piece today on Bay News 9 about a family who decided to hit their local Best Buy for the Black Friday deals… one problem Black Friday is next Friday. Got to say this is maybe taking a little far.

What about you? Are you a Black Friday combat shopper?

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