The Gradual Life-Change

When I started this new blog site one of my goals was to keep far more updated, and for a while that worked quite well… lately – the last two months specifically, I have been woefully neglectful of this here little site.

And I think that happened because my life has been in the gradual process of change. Before Caleb was born people would always tell me, “Your life will never be the same…” and I believed them, I expected it. But what I didn’t expect was how it would change. From the moment our little man entered the world, my life changed – but it has also been the process of change ever since.

Each week there are new joys and new challenges. Each day new discoveries and questions to ask. Each moment another avenue of parenthood and adulthood to explore. I’m blessed to have such an amazing son, and more blessed to have such a wonderful partner as Jules to travel this road alongside me.

But it has made the ability to meet certain expectations more difficult to predict. Gaining equilibrium in middle of it all is the stage that I am in… so, keep your ears and eyes open dear friends, I’m still here…

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