Disappointment to the Glory of God

A few of years ago I ran my last Mayfaire 5k in Lakeland, Fl. It’s one of my favorite races because it’s a beautiful course, kinda difficult, and it centers around an art festival downtown. I really looked forward to it each year I ran it. I started well enough. I got out early, was running smooth but fast. I took the first uphill pretty strongly and was heading to the one mile mark at right around 6:15. Then I hear a yell and just as I turn to see what’s going on I get hit in the calf by the sole wheelchair competitor. We were coming off a pretty steep downhill heading toward a lake with a lot of runners around and he wasn’t able to avoid me. And I heard him yelling a bit too late. I was fine, but he came out of his chair hitting the pavement really hard. He had a nasty cut on the back of his head and a sore shoulder and I had a decision… How long should I wait before I can keep running?

I waited. Everything in my being was telling me to go. There were plenty of people helping the man, he was telling me to go on. The race officials were telling me to go. But I waited. It was an accident, but I felt responsible – so I waited until the ambulance came to and they loaded the guy into the back. I waited not out of some higher sense of God’s call, but really I waited out of guilt.

It was a disappointing day because I had trained to do well at this race, and in a second those plans were put aside… I haven’t run that race since. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with this experience, but truth-be-told I still think about it.

Disappointment is lurking around every corner. Disappointment stalks every plan we make. Disappointment hides and waits to pounce on our days. That’s why I still think about that day, because at the bottom of it all I know that God is in absolute control of every event… and no matter how much I plan or prepare God has a purpose to each day – even in the events that I perceive as disappointments.

So what will we do with the disappointments?

Our help is in the name of the LORD,
the Maker of heaven and earth. – Psalm 124:8

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  1. I think you won that day. Your heavenly Coach smiled. Sometimes we do what we should with imperfect motives. That’s okay. You obeyed that gentle nudge of the Holy Spirit. The guy was blessed because you showed concern. And your staying testified to those watching who know you belong to Jesus.

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