The Best ofs… Part II

Alright, inspired by my last post I decided to give you a brief look at 10 albums that I thoroughly enjoyed this year… they are in no particular order, and while I will not give any sort of extensive reviews, a simple click of our friend Google will take you to plenty…

Bon IverBon Iver – haunting, but somehow uplifting; on nearly every “Best of” list I read

Adele21 – pop music that recognizes pure-ol’ fashioned-make-you-want-to-cry vocal talent; on nearly ever “Best of” list I read as well; have to watch her Tiny Desk Concert on NPR to really be blown away by her voice.

RadioheadThe King of Limbs – all I can say is I enjoy every Radiohead album; this isn’t as good as In Rainbows, but I kept on repeat enough to warrant a mention.

DestroyerKaputt – this is sleepy, synth-heavy, 80s-new-wave-esque but in a good way.

ElbowBuild A Rocket Boys! – I have been an Elbow fan ever since I stumbled upon them at the Virgin Megastore in 2001 (please don’t laugh, but it’s true). They were initially panned as being Coldplay wannabes but they are anything but they’re soulfulness is anything but…

TV on the RadioNine Types of Light – this is no Return to Cookie Mountain, but it’s solid, dance-rock experimentation is infectious nonetheless.

FeistMetals – if it’s possible this album has an even more lo-fi aesthetic than Feist’s 2007 The Reminder. Still it’s wonderfully crafted music that’s worth the listen.

The DecemberistsThe King is Dead – of all The Decemberists’ albums this is the most musically accessible in that it has a less minstrel, Victorian feel than past albums… not that that’s a bad thing… and so I think it has a wider audience.

James BlakeJames Blake – I’m not sure that I love this record. But it is definitely intriguing and at times irritating. It’s minimalistic and syncopated from start to finish, but meticulous.

MogwaiHardcore Will Never Die, But You Will – for those that like mostly instrumental prog rock this is for you. If you need music that’s interesting yet not overwhelming, this is for you.

Honorable Mention – I know I’m going to get slammed for this…

ColdplayMylo Xyloto – from indie-rock darlings to the perception of pop sellouts, they still make music I want to listen to. There are catchy dance tracks, more acoustic ballads, and a cameo by a pop-star from a different genre. Is it formulaic? You bet. Did I enjoy it? Absolutely.

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