Why Sports America is Tired of Tebow… or the Deflated Experts Have to Eat Crow

In the spirit of full disclosure let me say a couple of things. 1) I, like Tim Tebow, am Christian… if you read this blog at all this should not surprise you at all. 2) I am not a Tim Tebow, at least not a rabid one – as a fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide I can’t in good conscience cheer for a Gator. 3) I am not tired of hearing about Tebow though.

For the last several weeks I have listened to a lot of sports radio and watched a lot of sports commentary television, and for the most part they all say the same things about Tim Tebow. They like him as a person, but they are tired of talking about him. For a long time I didn’t really care. I didn’t watch the Broncos games. Didn’t care if they won or lost. Didn’t care if Tebow went 2-12 for 23 yards or rushed for 7 TDs. I never thought about why the sports community had such a beef with Tebow as an athlete.

Then I watched last night as the Denver Broncos defied all the experts and they took the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers down, in what was supposed to be a blowout by the Steel Curtain. And in that I could imagine hundreds of sports experts around the country face-palming because they have one more week when they have to talk about Tim Tebow.

I started to think about why… Why did the experts hate talking about him? My theory: Tim Tebow makes them look foolish.

Tebow’s not the prototypical quarterback. Even a layperson can see he has a sloppy release. He’s not accurate. He doesn’t make quick decisions. He shouldn’t be the starting quarterback of a team in the second round of the playoffs. But he is. Whether you love him or hate him, that’s one thing you can’t deny: He wins games. And because he wins games he makes all those who say he shouldn’t win games look less and less like experts and more and more foolish.

They’ll make excuses today. They’ll say Pittsburgh lost the game as much as Denver won it. They’ll say the same ol’ problems exist with Tebow… that he’s not a QB you can build a franchise around. They may be right, but as long as Tebow wins games they’ll continue to look foolish and continue to hate talking about him.

Does Tebow have something extra? Something divine that’s helping him when games when he doesn’t have the talent or the skill to do so? I mean the whole 316 yards passing thing – coupled with John 3:16 – is that a sign from above that Tebow really is God’s quarterback? Well… no comment…

But Tebow is a talented athlete. That’s God-given. And Tebow keeps defying the odds as a pro… and I love it when all the so-called experts have to just admit – they don’t know what’s going to happen and they don’t know why. So, as much as I can’t stand that he’s a Florida Gator, I’ll get behind the Broncos and Tim Tebow just to see if he keeps winning and makes the sports community take notice.

In related news Tebow breaks Twitter.

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