When Does Easter End?

Shore on the Sea of Galilee - John 21:15-22

Today, I was walking around the modern worship space at our church, a place we call “The Living Room” and I was taking down some of our special Easter decor… you know, banners and what-not… and someone walked through and said, “That’s right… Easter has ended.” Now, it’s obvious what was meant. Easter as a holiday has temporally past, but what about the spirit of it. I mean, we’ve asked that question about Christmas “let’s have Christmas everyday!” And when people say that they mean the spirit of giving, of happiness, etc…

But what about Easter? This is a day about resurrection, about God’s power, about forgiveness… For those of us that call ourselves Christians, that is the crux of our faith. It is our hope! One of my favorite passages of Scripture comes from John 21:15-22. Here, Jesus is cooking breakfast for his disciples on the Sea of Galilee when he has an interesting conversation with Peter. Before Jesus was crucified, Peter had denied him three times outside the courtroom where Jesus was being tried… an action Jesus had predicted. But here on the Sea of Galilee, after breakfast Jesus reaches out to Peter. “Do you love me?” Three

Church of St. Peter's Primacy

times Jesus asks the question. Three times Peter affirms his love, calling to Jesus own knowledge of him. “You know all things. You know I love you!” Easter didn’t end with the empty tomb for Peter. This new life of forgiveness and freedom. This resurrection life it only just began. And for us it is the same. We live in the new life of Jesus Christ because of Easter, and that doesn’t end.

In fact, as Peter found out, Easter prompted him to a life of truly following Jesus all the way to a cross of his own. If we take Easter, and Jesus’ resurrection seriously it will lead to following him as well.

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