Not Missing the Most Important Day in Our Lives

It’s time to start praying. It’s time to start preparing. It’s time to get up the guts to do what we may have never done before.

In less than three weeks, we will celebrate the most important day in the Church calendar: Easter. We celebrate because it was the day that Jesus Christ broke off the shackles of hell, death and the grave. It was the day the verdict on pain and suffering and sin was declared at an end. It was a day when life was secured.

Easter is the most important event in human history. The MOST important event in human history.

While we have done a pretty good job at reducing Easter to something equaling less than the grandeur, majesty, and all-out extravaganza it should be, make no mistake – the event of the resurrection cannot be reduced in actual importance. And for those of us who know Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of the world, this is not only the most important event in human history, it is the most important event of our lives… for by it we were saved.

Easter is the most important day in our lives.

Because of our sin we deserved death. We deserved punishment. We deserved what Jesus took to the cross, and yet it was God who put himself on the hook for our sin so that Easter is not a day of judgment but a day of partying! We were dead in our sins… dead people walking, and because of Jesus’ life we too are alive – now and forever!

But there are people who are missing it. Missing the most important day of their lives. Missing the most important event in human history. You know them, and so do I.

So, if we haven’t already. It’s time to start praying – praying for those people in our lives who are missing it. They are not all that different than we are. They are just missing it. Like someone who is looking a new restaurant that has just opened but misses the off-ramp. They are missing the directions. Only in the case of Easter the consequences are bigger than a good meal. For they missing hope. Missing grace. Missing true and lasting peace. Missing truth. Missing salvation. Missing Easter. Missing Jesus. They missed the off-ramp, but we have the directions.

It’s time to start praying for ourselves that we would be humble but courageous to use the opportunity of Easter to point people to the hope we have in Jesus Christ. It’s time to start praying that we would have the chance to open our mouths and invite those people to our churches, to invite them to lunch, to invite them to go to a ball game, to invite them into conversations, to build the friendships – so they can see that what we say about Jesus does make a difference in us.

Easter is April 5th. Who will we point to the importance of that day?

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