Sacred Calendar

This past Sunday, December 31st, I greeted the congregation at FPC Lakeland’s Vine, modern worship service, with a “Happy 7th Day of Christmas…” For most people, the “Days of Christmas” are merely a reference to a song… the best version of which is performed by John Denver and the Muppets.

But Christmas is a sacred day, and it’s season (the time from Christmas day through Epiphany which falls on January 6th) is a sacred season… as are all the seasons of what certain segments of the Church call the “liturgical calendar.” I’m no expert on the liturgical calendar, nor am I pharisaical in my observance of it, but I have friends in my social media circles who have challenged me to re-engage this practice because it serves to slow me down and really embrace the ebbs and flows of the life and ministry of Jesus, the rise of the Church, and importance of “ordinary time.”

One resource that has benefited me as I have sought to make the calendar more significant in my own spiritual growth comes from Fuller Seminary and their “Liturgical Mediations” series of videos. These brief videos set Scripture to various languages with backing music and meditative scenes that help focus attention on the message of the season. For me these videos are significant for a few reasons: 1) They engage the visual and audio sense, 2) The addition of various languages reminds me that the Church is not relegated to North America (praise God!), 3) The various imagery, from farm scenes to cityscapes, helps me remember that the life of faith only true when it is both ecclesiastically and neighborly focused… when it is lived in the sacred and the secular. Nothing is truly outside the control of the providence of God.

If you are looking for a way to submit your calendar to Jesus Christ… to better devote your time to faith, I encourage you to look at liturgical calendar resources. There are a number of great places to start.

Below is the Fuller Studio video for Epiphany… I pray as you begin 2018 it will serve as a reminder of Jesus divinity and his royal glory.



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