In the Beginning, Genesis 1-11


Genesis, Chapters 1-11

Easter Sunday – The Biblical History of Death and Life

Genesis Handouts

All the handouts can be found at this link. Please note, the handouts were created before each class was taught, so there is some duplication as the intention to complete one chapter may not have been realized until another.

Genesis Slides

Follow the link to see all the slides (as images) for each week at this link.


Genesis, Part IV – Video

Here is the video that was used to finish our discussion of Genesis 1:1-2:3. Dr. Richard Pratt is an expert in Hebrew, Old Testament studies, systematic theology, and former professor at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando. He currently serves as the founder and president of Third Millennium Ministries which seeks to equip ministry leaders in the Church around the world.

Genesis – Kingdom, Covenant and Canon Video Selection from 

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